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Trade currencies in largest market in the world with more than 5 trillion dollars in daily trading volume



Rates are shown as numeric value that reflect changes in the value of all the shares that contributes to such rate. The rates are usually composed of similar stocks, which are in the same market, which belong to the same industry or have a similar capitalization.



Every day, Utrade team of expert market analysts sends members their trading recommendations and directions to execute them, via text and email.



Utrade provides both MetaTrader 4, the most globally popular software for trading in currencies, and Sirix, the new award-winning rading platform which offers...


Utrade International Company for currency and stocks trading was established by a group of financial professionals and experts; who have a clear vision to establish an online brokerage company to provide investment services to all different types of traders and organizations on a global level. The company's technological infrastructure was established with a full understanding of the traders continuing needs. In addition to the strong and reliable communication channels with the banking system and liquidity providers, Utrade company offers one of the best trading experiences in the market today.