Online Forex Trading Course

Learn How to Trade Forex with Online Classes from UTRADE

The forex marketplace is a dynamic, ever-evolving environment. Millions of individuals from around the globe actively engage the forex on a daily basis, driving the advancement of innovation and placing an impetus upon ongoing market-related education.

As one of the industry’s leading forex brokerage firms, Utrade provides a wealth of learning materials to individuals new to the marketplace, as well as to veteran traders looking to stay on the competitive lead-lap. In addition to a live online classroom, free trading manuals and an extensive video library, Utrade offers a structured curriculum of forex-based concepts in Utrade University.

Developed by a faculty of experienced trading analysts, the educational suite presented at Utrade University serves as a comprehensive "Forex 101". In a similar format as traditional collegiate studies, the curriculum is divided into four levels. Each level represents an advanced year, with subsequent lessons growing in complexity