Golden Account

Special prices and customized solutions

When trading becomes more than just a hobby, reward yourself with the best. Open a "Gold Account" with Utrade and get our lowest commission rates and enjoy your customized trading solutions.

Customized to serve you personally

There are many advantages associated with opening a Gold account at Utrade, especially the professional team behind the excellence of the Golden Account section who are keen to provide the best services available for its development. When you open a gold account at Utrdae, you will receive support from a dedicated team who is specially trained to guide and direct you to Utrade's most useful resources and services.

Customer Relationship Managers

The customer relationship manager is carefully selected according to the best experience, knowledge and skill standards

  • We offer an integrated list of financial products and services to help you to choose the convenient solutions for you
  • We take into our consideration your past experience in the market to help you choose the resources and techniques that meet your goals
  • We serve as a communication channel between you and specialists from different departments in Utrdae to provide customized solutions that are compatible with your situation

Back office service team

The back office team who is dedicated to the Golden Account customers, in cooperation with your Relationship Manager, constantly monitors and supervises your account.

  • Give priority to your deposits and withdrawals
  • Accelerate account processing process
  • Cancels withdrawal fees when possible