The present Terms and Conditions and the following appendice: Privacy policy (hereinafter “the Appendice”) (all together, i.e. the present Terms and Conditions).

cannot share card numbers or cardholder information to other merchants or business partners.


Clients who choose to use Utrade for their trading needs can depend on the money back policy to help them feel secures while moving through the sometimes hard forex trading world. At Utrade we want to provide our customers with an enjoying forex trading experience. And that includes informing them that they can request their money back if they cancel their accounts. Please notice : reclaimed money won't surpass the value of the last payment by the client. getting money back has to be requested in writing including all account details. Getting requested money back will be during 60 days from the date of the payment and will be returned to the bank account or the credit card used to transfer the money. Getting requested money back after this period will be through wire transfer. We reserve the right to change the repayment method at any time.

Important: getting money back will be executed as soon as the account cancelation is approved.

In the case of an unlikely system failure Utrade clients must send an e-mail to their account manager and support team with the problem's full details. The more information clients can provide us about the error the faster the problem verification is .

Clients must provide:

Account's full details

The dates and time of the error ( errors )

Order number ( numbers )

Screenshots of any message ( messages ) or errors

As soon as we receive these information we will have a full review of the error. IF it was found that there was a system error the client will get his money back.


Our clients' privacy is very important to us. But we keep the right to collect all data about our clients including name , birth date , e-mail , address , financial accounts numbers , trading activities and other documents. We can also request the IP address , browser type and internet provider details. we guarantee that the clients data that we collect will be securely stored on our system. All the information related to our clients is considered confidential at all times.


We are proudly provide the best services in forex trading world. And our many satisfied clients prove that we work hard to give them the best experience while they move through their financial needs. However some clients feel the need to cancel their transaction with Utrade for some reasons. Clients can cancel their transaction with Utrade without being fined any fees as long as they do this during 48 hours from paying. Cancelation requests have to be submitted in writing including all account details. Clients can consider their transaction canceled only after receiving a notification that their request was received and approved. If the client feels the need to cancel during 48 hours from paying he will get his money back. But will be subjected to service fees.