The following terms and conditions applies on all activities between operator and owner of the website utrade.online (referred below only as Utrade) and its clients.


1.1 Utrade clients have to comply to these terms and conditions.

1.2 Utrade asks for identification from all clients.

1.3 Once the identification is received and confirmed Utrade will create trading accounts on behalf of clients.


2.1 Utrade will provide clients with a username and a password for trading.

2.2 Once the accounts are created with Utrade clients can trade with foreign currencies and commodities using their Utrade accounts.

2.3 Utrade executes client's orders using maximum secure leverage. Utrade may suspend and trades or accounts if the funds were not legit.

2.4 Utrade uses expert analysis from mathematical calculations to identify trading rates. Trading rates are calculated depending on differences between rates of buying and selling. Trading rates are changeable at anytime.

2.5 The client can ask Utrade to execute trading on his or her behalf. Except that client executes his or her trades.

2.6 The client's balance will be added to or withdrawn from according to previous trades .

2.7 Trading accounts are not charged with interest.

2.8 Any trades wrongly executed may or may not be paid by Utrade. The decision is totally up to Utrade.


3.1 When a client chooses to create an account with Utrade he or she must approve the company's terms and conditions. In addition to agreeing to terms and conditions the client agree to the following:

3.1.1 There are no rules or regulations that ban the client from creating a trading account with Utrade.

3.1.2 The clients holds full responsibility for trades coming from the account.

3.1.3 The client holds full responsibility for protecting login information.

3.1.4 The clients understand that trading with Utrade includes risks that may lead losing any or all funds.

3.1.5 The client has current knowledge with financial trading and he/she is willing to teach him/her self before entering trades.

3.1.6 The client is aware that trading with foreign currencies has high risk.

3.2 Shared accounts can be owned by more than one person. Shared accounts are the responsibility of all their owners. Any information given to one owner is considered given to all owners.

3.3 Clients have to be 18 years old or older.

3.4 At the company we don't accept these countries. As they are blacklisted. The countries are mentioned below:

Afghanistan, Ghana , Iran , Iraq , Nigeria , Pakistan , Somalia , Arab republic of Syria.

4. Term and Termination

4.1 This Customer Agreement shall be valid for an indefinite time period until its termination as per the provisions of Section 25 stated herein.

4.2 We may terminate this Customer Agreement immediately upon the occurrence of any of the events set out below:

a) You fail to comply with any requirement relating to the transfer of an open investment position.

b) You do not have the authority to transact business with us or to do so in the manner in which you customarily conduct business with us,

c) If you become deceased, declared absent or become of unsound mind,

d) Such termination is required by any competent regulatory authority or body,

d) Such termination is required by any competent regulatory authority or body,

f) If you fail to make any payment or fail to perform any other act required by the Customer Agreement,

g) We have reliable information that a material adverse change in your financial condition has occurred or that you may not perform your obligations under the Customer Agreement or you do not give to us adequate assurance of your ability to perform your obligations within 24 hours after receipt of the relevant request from us,

h) If an application is filed in respect to you for any action pursuant to any bankruptcy acts or any equivalent act, including those of another country, applicable to you or if a partnership, to one or more of the partners, or a company, a trustee, administrative receiver or similar officer is appointed,

i) If an Order is made or a resolution is passed for your winding-up or administration (other than for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction),

j) If any distress, execution or other process is levied against any property of you and is not removed, discharged or paid within seven days,

k) If any security created by any mortgage or charge becomes enforceable against you and the mortgagee or chargee takes steps to enforce the security or charge,

l) If any indebtedness of you or any of your subsidiaries becomes immediately due and payable, or capable of being declared so due and payable, prior to its stated maturity by reason of your default (or any of your subsidiaries) or you (or any of your subsidiaries) fail to discharge any indebtedness on its due date

m) You convene a meeting for the purpose of making or proposing or entering into any arrangement or composition for the benefit of your creditors,

n) If any of the representations or warranties given by you are/or become untrue,

o) In cases of material violation by you of the requirements established by any legislation,

p) If scalping or any other unauthorized trading activity is performed on the Online Trading System, automated or manual. In this case all Transactions performed that way will be annulled and cancelled, or

q) If you are classified as a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or fail to provide adequate documentation with regards to the Know-Your-Client and Anti-Money-Laundry regulations the Company has to follow.

r) The Company maintains a strict policy of limiting accounts to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account details (e.g. debit or credit card, Neteller, etc) and shared computer, e.g. in a public library or workplace. Duplicate registrations by the same Client are strictly forbidden and all Transactions performed by all duplicate accounts will be annulled and cancelled and all profits generated will be debited.

s) The company maintains a zero-tolerance policy for abusive trading strategies, fraudulent activities, manipulation, chargebacks or any other scams. Such activities include, but are not limited to, misuse of deposited and promotional/bonus funds, swap arbitrage, bonus arbitrage, cash-backs, internal or external hedging, the use of any automated trading system and/or software (“trading robots,” “expert advisors,” etc.). If we deem there to be any such activities in relation to the Client’s trading account, we reserve the right to annul and cancel any or all of your past Transactions and debit all generated profits.


5.1 Utrade does not advise clients to enter trades. Signals sent from Utrade via e-mail or mobile app are simply for informing. Utrade is not responsible for any losses in money clients may face when using the signals.

5.2 Utrade doesn't provide advice or consultations about taxes.


6.1 Utrade is not responsible for any loss or debt that may face clients because of their trading activities.


7.1 Clients will not lose more than the value that their funds of their account with Utrade contains.


8.1 Clients can find copies of their own reports through their personal account pages.


9.1 Clients will receive payments when demanded when they submit the needed documents and follow some steps.

9.2 Utrade can cut some taxes and fees from the client's account according to what he owes the company.


10.1 Trade can adjust terms and conditions at anytime. Clients will be informed if and when conditions were adjusted.

10.2 Utrade can adjust agreements made between the company and the clients. Clients will be immediately informed if and when an agreement adjusted.

10.3 If either Utrade or the client demanded account closure all deals will close the day next to agreement closure.

10.4 No more new trades can be done once the agreement is closed.


11.1 From time to time Utrade may offer bonuses and incentives for current or probable clients.

11.2 All terms and conditions apply to any offered bonus through this website or any other website , applications , e-mails , newsletters or systems related.

11.3 Bonuses can't be used through more than one account.

11.4 Bonuses can't be transferred between accounts.

11.5 Fixed minimum limits maybe required before granting bonuses to accounts.

11.6 Utrade keeps the right to set an ending date for the time of the trades to get the bonuses.

11.7 Bonuses can't be withdrawn before fulfilling eligibility requirements.

11.8 Bonuses' terms and conditions may change at any time. These changes will reflect on Utrade website. Clients have to agree to read terms and conditions regularly to stay aware of any changes.


12.1 Web trading provides clients with special risks. Clients have to be aware of any risks they may face during web trading.

12.2 Utrade is not responsible for any losses that happens as a result of using any spyware , malware or viruses on the customer's computer , laptop or mobile. Clients are advised to update their anti spyware and antivirus on all the devices they use for trading.

12.3 Clients who trade through public computers can expose themselves to identity theft or fraud. Utrade is not responsible for any problems that may happen if the client uses a public computer or public networks for trading. It is the clients full responsibility to protect his/her personal information when using public devices.

12.4 Devices and programs problems that are not related to Utrade may cause stopping trading. Utrade may choose to close trades due to unexpected technical problems not related to the company.


13.1 Terms and conditions apply on all clients.

13.2 These conditions surpass any contact between the company and the clients.

13.3 Terms and conditions included applies on all websites , applications , e-books and other communication methods.

13.4 Trading is done through the internet.

13.5 User have the opportunity to upload a file, and upload the complaint there. In order to upload complaint or other files user have to log in and go to Upload Documents.


The client has the right to receive all his non used money back in case of a client's loss he has no right to get back this money and the company won't be responsible. To receive his money back the client should submit full persona documents. After receiving these documents we will review the application and the company will resend the money the same way it was deposited by the client during 7 days except transfer fees and etc....



With Utrade clients can feel safe by knowing that they can withdraw their money anytime. withdrawing money from any account on Utrade is very simple and only need one click with out limits. to keep all money safe Utrade asks clients to go through a secure withdrawal process. Investors who want to withdraw their money have to fill a withdrawal form and send it to their account manager with documents required by the financial section. Immediately after receiving the application and reviewing it money will be returned to the account that the deposit came from. money will be sent within three working days as a bank transfer or to the credit card that you sent to Utrade. any withdrawal to a value more than the allowed value by the credit card will be put into the investor's bank account. clients are aware that their money is always safe when they trade with Utrade. the company asks for any withdrawal application to contain a photo , an identity and a verified address. Sometimes we can ask for other identity verifications. All personal information given to the company is totally safe. and that includes written data and photos too.


Many clients choose using credit cards to pay. Which is usually considered the easiest and fastest way to fund the payment and it also allows clients to easily access their funds without using financial emergency stores. clients need to simply fill their credit card information to the secure system of Utrade and specify the amount of money they want to add to the account and they can start trading. the only disadvantage of using credit card is that there may be a limit for the amount of money that you can deposit in one time.

Minimum deposit 250$. Another benefit of using credit cards is the ease to withdraw money when the time comes. the money will be returned to the credit card plus any increase that enters the clients account. clients must simply make front and back copies of the cards and send them to Utrade to verify the identity .

The transaction related to load of funds into the account is considered non-refundable and instantly provided.

Know Your Customer Policy

Know your customer policies have become increasingly important worldwide, especially among banks and other financial institutions, in order to prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist activity.

uTrade holds a zero tolerance fraud policy, and is taking all measures possible to prevent it and any other money laundering activity. Any fraudulent activity will be documented and all related accounts to it will be immediately closed. All funds in these accounts will be forfeited.

uTrade aims to ensure the integrity of any sensitive data it obtains, such as your account information and the transactions you make, using a variety of security measures and fraud controls. Securing your electronic transactions requires you to provide us with certain data, including your preferred deposit method.

When you deposit funds we will require the following documents:

  • A copy of your valid passport with the signature page
  • Copies of your credit cards, used to make the deposit (Front side with only the 4 last digits visible, back side with the CVV covered).
  • A copy of a recent utility bill in your name and address (no later than 3 [three] months)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support: compliance@utrade.online

In order to avoid any delays in processing your transactions, we highly recommend that provide all the necessary documents as soon as you can. We require the receipt of all the necessary documents prior to making any cash transactions to your benefit or to the beginning of trade.

Please note that if we will not receive the required documents, your pending withdrawals will be cancelled and credited back to your trading account and you will be unable to proceed with the trading experience. We will notify you in case of such an event via our system and your personal online account.

The relevant document can be uploaded through user account in uTrade. Please scan your documents or take a high quality digital camera picture, save the images in: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PDF formats, and send them to us .

uTrade holds the security of documentation at highest priority, and treats all documents it receives with utmost respect and confidentiality. All files we obtain are fully protected using the highest possible level of encryption during every step of the review process and after, when the documents are securely stored in our systems

We thank you for your cooperation in helping us make uTrade a safer place to trade.